How To Play DVDs on Windows 8

Win8DVD is one of few DVD players for Windows 8. And with Windows 8 being a new operating system, a few things have changed. Here is a 3-step  “How To” guide  on how to play DVDs on Windows 8 through our software – Win8DVD.

Step 1 – Open Win8DVD

First of all open Win8DVD.

Step 2 -Insert DVD

Insert your DVD into the disc tray or USB DVD player. Once the disc tray has been closed, the DVD will begin to load. On your screen there will be a command box. Choose “Play with Win8DVD”.

Step 3 – Play your DVD

Once you have chosen to play your DVD with Win8DVD, the DVD will begin to play. Sit back and enjoy your DVD.

Win8DVD is a great alternative to Window’s Media Centre as it plays a whole host of file types as well as your DVDs for free!