How to play Blu-Rays on Windows 8

Win8DVD is one of few Blu-Ray players for Windows 8. And with Windows 8 not supporting Blu-Ray playback, a few things have changed. Here is a 3-step  “How To” guide  on how to play Blu-rays on Windows 8 through our software – Win8DVD.

Step 1 – Open Win8DVD

First of all open Win8DVD.

Step 2 -Insert DVD

Insert your Blu-ray into the disc tray or USB Blu-Ray player. Once the disc tray has been closed, the Blu-ray will begin to load. On your screen there will be a command box. Choose “Play with Win8DVD”.

Step 3 – Play your DVD

Once you have chosen to play your Blu-Ray with Win8DVD, the Blu-Ray will begin to play. Sit back and enjoy your DVD.


Win8DVD is a great alternative to Window’s Media Centre as it plays a whole host of file types as well as your Blu-Rays for free!