How do I play DVDs on my PC?

With the latest release from Microsoft, Windows 8, has a few things different from its predecessor Windows 7.  Windows 8 Media Player can’t play DVDs. This seems like a u-turn considering the Windows 7 Media Player could play DVDs. You may be asking yourself “How do I play DVDs on my PC?” That’s where Win8DVD comes in. We allow you to play all your favorite DVDs and Blu-Rays without having to install any codecs, all for free.

Although Windows Media Player doesn’t play DVDs , Windows 8 can with any of these solutions:


Upgrade to Windows 8 Media Center Pack or the Windows 8 Pro Pack

The upgrade versions on Windows 8 offer a lot more than the basic versions. Those packages add Windows Media Center to your PC, which allows you to watch DVDs as well as record live TV. The only downside to these packages is that you have to pay extra.


Download a third-party DVD player

There are a lot of different third-party software available to users. Some have been around for a long time and have become a heavy-weight in media players. Some are designed for all platforms while some are designed for only Windows 8. Click here for examples of third-party media players.


Win8DVD has been designed to work fully with Windows 8 to give Windows 8 users the easiest and best experience possible when wanting to watch your favorite DVDs. Want to download Win8DVD? Download here.